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When piglets are weaned from their mother, I place them in a playpen with a pine pellet litter.  The pellets I use are labeled for horses--and are sold at Tractor Supply, where I buy the food.  here is a picture of the bag.  If you do not have a tractor supply store within driving distance, they do sell it at Petsmart, labeled for cats, as feline pine. but it Is a lot more expensive. NEVER USE CEDAR SHAVINGS OR KITTY LITTER. Cedar is highly toxic to pigs, and the kitty litter would cause impaction and possibly death if eaten.

One of the jobs in raising pigs, particularly indoor pigs, is to teach it where to go potty. Pigs tend to potty in a particular spot. Outdoor pigs are easy. Your pet pig will usually find a spot, and that is where they will go! If you choose to have, or need to have, a litter box indoors, pick one big enough for your pet pig to turn around in. 

Obviously they do not make litter boxes for pigs so you need to improvise. A cement mixing box work very well for smaller pigs, i get them from Lowes for about $12. For that larger pig a kiddy pool works great (one of those inexpensive plastic ones). Just cut an entrance door out for them to be able to step in. 

Remember, pigs tend to potty in one spot so pick the location(s) of the litter box(s) carefully as the pig may not want to change potty spots later on. Behind a piece of furniture, out of view, is common. Or, if your pig has his own room, put the litter in the opposite side of the room from their bed. Wherever you put the potty, do not put it next to where they sleep. Pigs are quite clean and will not do their business where they sleep. 

Potty Training the Indoor Pig

While training the indoor pig to use the litter box, keep him/her confined to a small area of your home. Do not give the pig free run of the house while training. They should be placed in a semi private area that is not too far away from the pigs main digs, but not too close, either. During training, do not over clean the litter box. Leave at least one "pigberry" in the box. The scent of it stimulates him to go, and tells him that this is the proper place.

No food rewards for correct potty behavior. Doing this tends to take the pigs focus off "what comes natural". Pigs are naturally clean animals that like to go outside, or in the same place every day. Potty training deteriorates when the pig anticipates food, and it changes his natural instincts. Pigs do not need to be rewarded for this. Pigs are creatures of habit.

Do not give your pig free run of the house until he/she is at least 8-9 months old. Young pigs are prone to accidents, just like puppies and children. Keep that in mind and don't get mad or hit your pig because they had an accident! It is up to you to teach your pig where to go. Remember, they are very intelligent. Most learn to use a litter box in 1 - 5 days. 

NOTE: Very young pigs aged 6 months or less, have not yet developed complete control over the muscles that control their bodily functions. So, if your pig has an accident at this young age, do not blame him to much. As long as he makes the effort to get to the potty. 

Pigs potty at night because they have too much room to roam in. Pigs may need to be semi confined for the night time for a while. Never give a new pig full run of the house till ALL housebreaking is over. Confining them to a crate or small area is the best route to go in the beginning. If piggy was house broken and having accidents again, go back to the beginning and confine them to a small area. 

Walk him/her over to the box every 2 hours. Take them outside at the same time every day, or when training to use a litter box, take them over to the box every 2 hours to "remind" them. Put your pig on a schedule; potty first thing in the morning, after breakfast, (every couple of hours through out the day if you are lucky enough to be home), when you get home, after dinner and again before bed time. 

If you let your pig go outside, no food rewards for coming in. The pig will forget to go, or possibly fake it. Yes, they are intelligent enough to figure out how to 'fake you out'! Leave him out at least 10 minutes. 

NEVER punish a pig for not going in the proper place (even yelling). Such behavior confuses the pig, and takes the focus away from what the pig will do NATURALLY, if we don't try to "train" them. If he makes a mistake, lead him to the PROPER place every 2 hours, whether he has to go, or not.

I recommend that all pigs (that means house pigs) go outside to potty. The only time they need to be using the litter box is when they are first brought home as piglets and those that are brought into the family during the winter months. Otherwise they should be going outside to potty! 

All "mistakes" must be de-scented with enzyme product, such as ODORMUTE. If the "mistake" is not de-scented, the pig will smell it and go there again. ODORMUTE is the best product we have found for taking care of this problem. 

To the left you will see 3 items I recommend new owners to purcase. The black all-purpose pan is from Lowes. I place 2 of these side by side in the pac n play and put litter in one side, bed in the other. This is what your piglet is used to and will transition better this way. The bedding is labeled for horses at Tractor Supply Co. but if you are not near a store, you can buy the same bedding at Petsmart--called Feline Pine. it's the same thing only 4 times more $$.