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WHEN YOUR PIGLET LEAVES US- he/she WILL HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED ALL OF THE NECESSARY VACCINATIONS THAT IS NEEDED---the only exception is: IF you live on a farm where you are raising meat pigs, or show pigs (which are exposed to other pigs from different origins frequently) or if you are traveling state to state on a regular basis with your pig.
IF YOUR VETERINARIAN WANTS TO KNOW WHAT YOUR PIGLET HAS RECEIVED, here is a schedule we go by with the type of vaccine and dewormer:


2 weeks, Wazine
4 weeks, Panacur 
6 weeks, Ivomec 
8 weeks, Panacur and Strongid for 5 days 
10 weeks, Ivomec 
12 weeks, Atgard4, Ivomec  

Parapleuro Shield P +BE piglet shot at 7, 9 and 11 weeks
Your pig will need a follow up treatment for internal/external parasites. Pigs are prone to mites, as dogs can be prone to fleas. This is very easily prevented with the drug ivermectin. This is an injectible liquid (picture to the left) which can be purchased from a feed store or Tractor Supply Company. You will need an insulin size syringe (1cc or 1ml) to measure up the tiny amount needed. The drug is dosed 1cc per 75 lbs., so a piglet weighing 7.5 lbs. will only get .1 on this syringe measurement. which is like a drop.  You can give this yourself very easily in the muscle. I give in the back leg, in the big muscle area, or in the top of the  neck...which is the fat roll, like where a horse's mane is. There are fewer blood vessels here. I GIVE A DOSE RIGHT BEFORE THE BABY LEAVES,,,,then a FOLLOW UP dose is needed 12-14 days after the one i give. this is VERY important.  then after that , you can go to once a month treatment--for 2 months, then to a schedule of once every 4 months.
THIS IS ANOTHER DEWORMER that get different kinds of worms. I also give this treatment before the baby leaves. You can also find this at feed stores. no need to refrigerate, and it will last you a  very long time.  This treatment is done every 4 months. I do a 3--day cycle.  The measurement for this is 1cc per 5 lbs. body weight (even though the dosage on the back says different--this is labeled for goats).  so a 10 lb. pig would get 2cc.  this is just under 1/4 tsp.  you can measure with a syringe, and drizzle it over their food--3 days in a row.  NEVER put any liquid in your pigs mouth! If it were to squeel while you were doing this due to the taste, he/she will asperate into the lungs and cause very serious pneumonia!